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We offer unique experiences by the water in Lempäälä, which locates only 20 minutes by car from Tampere. The experiences we offer are a freat idea for groups, so whether you have a meeting or an experience in mind - we plan and implement the day according to your wishes!

Get to know our activities from below.

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Activities and Services

Riverfloating in a Drysuit

Riverfloating is a relaxing, fun and memorable experience where you float about 1,8 km distance in Kuokkalankoski river. Along the way, there are rapids and parts of calm lake. You are followed by the boat to secure you.

Minimum number of participants required for is 4 and max. 24. Children must be at least 12 years old and 130cm tall. Written permission from the guardians are required.

Available: From May to October

Price: 80€/person

Duration: Approx. 2h, floating itself takes about an hour.

Included: Survival suit, rafting vest, helmet, boots, neoprene hat and gloves.

Floating in the Icy Waters

Have you ever been floating in ice cold waters? Experince sounds extreme, but it's worth and safe to try! High-quality thermal- and survial suit ensures you will stay dry.

Minumum number of participants  required is 5 and max. 20.

Available: From December to March

Duration: Approx. 2h, floating itself takes about an hour.

Price: Group of 5-10 persons 50€/person, group of 11-20 persons 40€/person.

Included: Survival suit, thermal suit, helmet, boots neoprene hat and gloves.

Bubble Walk on Water

Try to walk of run inside a big waterproof ball. May sound easy, but try it yourself! Fun acitivity to include for example for bachelor party.

Weight limit 100kg, no sharp jewellery. For groups of 6-30 participants.

Duration: Around 5 minutes per participant

Price: 15€/person


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