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Team Koskikellujat provides many different kind of wateractivities.



Riverfloating in Lempäälä´s Kuokkalankoski!

Our most famous activity is Riverfloating, where you float in the Kuokkalankoski river for 1,4 km, staying completely dry because of the drysuit. River floating takes 1,5-2 hours per group, maximum group 20.


Waterwalkerz-ball is a great way to try walking on water!

Waterwalkerz-ball is filled with air, and you will stay dry because of the waterproof-zipper. You can try to walk or run on water. Air inside the ball lasts 15 minutes and it is refilled after every participant. Resticions are weight limit 100kg and no sharp jewellery.


Floating on ice

Wearing a drysuit, you can try how to save yourself from the icy water of Finnish winter. First you walk on the weak ice and when the ice breaks underneath, you'll find yourself floating in the icy water, but you will still be warm and dry because of the drysuit.


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